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Grupo Maisfarmácia

  • JoNeto 
Grupo Maisfarmácia Grupo Maisfarmácia is a company responsible for 150 pharmacies around Portugal. Their purpose is to guide and implement good business strategies in the pharmacy industry, and also promote and sensitize the concept of health and wellness in the general public. Facebook Instagram Challenge Strategy Challenge The brand was looking for an active and original voice in Social Media to talk about serious topics without the seriousness and flatness… Read More »Grupo Maisfarmácia

Morena Jambo

  • JoNeto 
Morena Jambo Morena Jambo is a Portuguese Swimwear brand, focused on creating eco-friendly products for all the beach lovers.MJ designs are inspired in values and places, representing stories and hidden meanings in the different collections. The brand goal is to promote sustainability inside fashion and, at the same time, offer woman quality that reflects confidence, freedom and personality . Facebook Instagram Pinterest Challenge Strategy Challenge We wanted to highlight the… Read More »Morena Jambo