Morena Jambo

Morena Jambo is a Portuguese Swimwear brand,
focused on creating eco-friendly products for all the beach lovers.
MJ designs are inspired in values and places, representing stories
and hidden meanings in the different collections.

The brand goal is to promote sustainability inside fashion and, at the same time, offer woman quality that reflects confidence, freedom and personality .

We wanted to highlight the production process and the design originality by distinguishing both sustainability and creativity values from the other swimwear brands.

We were presenting a new swimwear concept in Portugal and we wanted to reach the youngest target and creating a kind of “activism” in their personality. Our goal was not only sell a quality and eco-friendly product, but also to develop a community that cared for what MJ were defending.

We develop a storytelling inspired on woman travelers, promoting each swimwear individually. The collection were divided by city around the world so we created a story for each location with the respective swimwear product. 

In this project we used Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram), Communication Design, E-mail Marketing, Content Production, Web Site Management and Influence Marketing.

The Social Media platforms were our main goal because we could interact directly with all the fans and get the firsts impressions about their perspective of MJ. So, the visual storytelling was the strongest tool to accomplish our goal.