Grupo Maisfarmácia

Grupo Maisfarmácia is a company responsible for 150 pharmacies around Portugal.

Their purpose is to guide and implement good business strategies in the pharmacy industry, and also promote and sensitize the concept of health and wellness in the general public.

The brand was looking for an active and original voice in Social Media to talk about serious topics without the seriousness and flatness tone. 

The purpose was to promote various concepts of Health and Wellness for the general public and develop an interactive online community, at the same time.

The real challenge was to boost the community to talk back, to share the information and to participate in the culture they were offering.


To create a good and compact strategy for such a specific industry, we needed to relieve the heavy tone that was associated with the name “Pharmacy” and the several topics within the Health concept.

We developed a simple, clear and one-o-one voice in Social Media betting on static and dynamic visuals, such as How To Videos, Infographics and combined posts to talk about diseases and awarenesses. We also offered guides, whitepapers and dynamic online apps to boost the community engagement and introduce a little fun into real topics.

For Grupo Maisfarmácia we used Facebook, Instagram and Blog to spread the brand values and their message.